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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on creating relevant and valuable content on a consistent basis. The approach is used to attract a defined audience – your target market – and is usually geared towards a particular objective (such as gaining new leads).

At our content marketing agency, we will work with you to create high-impact content aimed to enhance brand awareness, increase leads and drive conversions.


Over the past seven years, we’ve worked with a huge range of both B2B and B2C clients to produce high-quality, relevant content for their audiences.
Our team of content marketing strategists have worked with clients to define goals and assess existing trending content to plan and develop successful content strategies.
Whatever your goal – find out how our content marketing team can help you today.

Why content marketing is important

Chances are, you’ve heard the term “content is king”. Overused as this phrase my be, there is a lot of truth in it.

In an era driven by digital media, everything users see and interactive with online can be defined as content. From blog posts and videos to webinars and social media posts – everything available online for users is vying for attention from its target market.

So why do some pieces of content become viral whilst others slip through the net with virtually no views? Whilst there are many factors that influence the success of a piece of content, largely it boils down to quality and relevance of the content itself. 

Content should usually fall into (at least) one of the following categories: aspirational, educational, humorous, relatable or thought-provoking. A company’s ability to engage it’s target audience will usually be defined by it’s ability to produce content that consistently resonates with that audience. A content marketing strategy forces businesses to understand what their target market cares about and to think about how they can cater for it.

Our content marketing agency offers:

Content marketing stretches across a number of different platforms and mediums: from flyers, to blogposts and social media content. A content marketing strategy is essential for ensuring that your brand voices a consistent message across all of your platforms, as well as to ensure that content is appropriately pitched and formatted for each one. Your strategy should consider the “why” of producing content; i.e. what is the purpose of the content and who is it for.
After developing your content strategy, our team will work to produce the relevant content to engage and grow your audience. Our content is specifically designed to captures users’ interests through being educational, aspirational, relatable or humorous. All of our content creation for businesses is bespoke, made specifically to fulfil the goals outlined in your strategy. Our services can include content creation for social media, blogpost writing, video creation, graphic design & print advertising
We believe that a successful strategy is a circular approach. As such, we are continually seeking to assess content performance and to adjust our strategy and content creation accordingly. Our content creation agency uses top industry standard analytics tools to contiunually monitor interaction and engagement with your digital content. This evidence-based approach to our work ensures that your brand is constntly producing optimised and high-performing content.

A content marketing strategy will help to:

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Drive more traffic towards your site
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Reach more of your target audience
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Decrease bounce-rate & improve engagement
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Increase your long-term ROI with sales

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