Pay Per Click Advertising

What is PPC advertising?

Pay per click – often shortened to PPC – refers to an advertising model in which companies pay each time a user clicks onto their site. PPC is used by businesses to increase the amount of traffic towards their site – usually complimenting an organic SEO strategy.
Most often, PPC advertising is used by companies for paid search ad. This means that ads would show when users use Google to search for things – usually with a purchase intent – such as “lawyers near me” or “Kensington jewellers”.


Having worked across many client accounts on their pay per click strategy, we’ve helped many businesses increase traffic towards their site, leading to more leads and conversions.
Our attentive team of pay per click experts will work with you to understand your business goals and will continually tweak your pay per click campaigns through Google ads to ensure that we deliver a successful ROI for your business.
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Is pay per click advertising worth it?

On the most part, pay per click is worth it because it targets searches with buyer intent. This means that ads are targeted to Google searches that show the user is looking to purchase a product or service. As such, pay per click ads often generate sales – which far outweigh the cost of the click to you, the advertiser.

For some, PPC advertising is not worth it, though this is usually because they enter bidding wars on high-volume search phrases. This drives up the cost of each click and often leaves advertisers feeling dissatisfied with results. Of course, this is avoidable. At Social Chameleon, our pay per click experts will focus on long-tail search terms – resulting in lower costs per click and less competition.

Our PPC agency has answered some common FAQs below:

In pay per click advertising, it is exactly what the name suggests. The advetiser pays per click that they receive onto their site from their ad.

But how does pay per click work? Most commonly, PPC advertising is run through a platform called Google ads. Advertisers choose which search terms (keywords) they want their ads to show up for, then set the amount that they are willing to pay per click (their bid).

Because the advertiser gets to choose the amount they bid on each search term, this often results in bidding wars (much like auctions), where competing companies keep bidding higher to win top spot on their chosen keywords.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on numerous factors such as your goals, your product / service and your budget.

This said, the majority of businesses benefit from a combination of SEO and pay per click advertising. With SEO designed for long-term growth, whilst PPC ads bring in quick wins.

As an organic method of building website traffic, SEO is often preferred. As users become more savvy to Google ads, they often skip past the ads results to the organic ranking sites. However, SEO also has no guarantee of results, whereas with PPC advertising, businesses are only billed when their website is clicked onto. Find out more here.

Do users still click on Google ads when they are searching for something? Absolutely, yes.

Pay per click adverts are those results at the top and bottom of the Google search results page that display with a little ‘AD’ sign next to the ad (see image below).

For those businesses with a strong pay per click strategy, achieveing those top three Google ad positions can offer great ROIs on your ad spend. With the top three ads gaining approximately 25% of all search result clicks – that’s a quater of all prospective buyers heading your way!

Of course, PPC success is not guaranteed and success is often a result of experience. That’s why our pay per click advertising company is on hand to help.

Our PPC agency will help to:

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Drive more traffic towards your site
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Reach more of your target audience
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Decrease bounce-rate & improve engagement
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Increase your long-term ROI with sales

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