You might be wondering, is email marketing still effective?

Well, with nearly 4 billion email users on the planet – we can certainly assure you that email marketing for small business is definitely worthwhile.

Whether you are looking to increase leads, get more sales or build awareness for your brand, having an email marketing strategy is a very effective way to turn readers into paying customers.

According to a recent Hubspot survey, over 80% of email marketing agencies have seen an increase in email management over the past 12 months.

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is a direct way to reach your customers, using email to communicate regularly with your brands subscribers and keep them updated with your latest offerings. Having a strong email marketing strategy allows you to stay at the forefront of your customers minds and also helps to raise brand awareness.

The most common way to build an email list is through pop-ups on your website, usually offering an incentive in return for an email address.

There are a huge number of email marketing campaign software’s, however they all pretty much act the same. Essentially, these software’s allow you to store all of the collated email addresses together, and send out regular emails to your subscribers list, at once.

Why should I be using email marketing?

Build strong relationships with customers 

 Through the power of email marketing, businesses can offer personalised marketing to potential customers and begin to build a strong relationship.

As well as improving your online relationship, it also helps to build trust between the customer and your business.

 Personalised marketing can be so effective and done so simply, too. Having an email addressed to your subscribers’ name will make the conversation feel more direct and help to build stronger bonds.

Email Marketing can increase conversions 

 An email marketing campaign can definitely help to increase your sales.

 You can use this marketing medium to showcase your new products or services and how they will benefit the potential customer.

 A top email marketing tip is to always include any special offers or promotions in your emails as this may well be the incentive needed to take the reader through to the checkout.

To increase your chance of getting sales from your email marketing campaign, make your CTA (Call to action) buttons stand out. Use attractive fonts and vibrant colours.

Re-targeting campaigns also work great if a customer has shown interest in your product or service, but not followed through with purchasing. Your email follow up may spark their interest again and encourage them to take action.


Email marketing has a very high ROI 

 Email marketing is one of the lowest cost marketing strategies, and therefore offers one of the best returns of investment.

 Although you may need an email marketing agency, like Social Chameleon, to come on board and set up the channel, design the campaigns and automate the email marketing, the costs involved are relatively low compared to other forms of online marketing.

 With the help of established email marketing providers such as Mailchimp, small businesses can send a limited number of emails completely free, each month.


More people will see your message 

A new email subscriber should be celebrated much more than a new Facebook follower.


Because 90% of email gets delivered to the recipients email inbox, compared to the 2% of Facebook fans that actually see your posts. Facebook limits your post reach in order to encourage businesses to use their paid advertising service.

This means that your message is 45 times more likely to be seen by your audience on email than it would be on Facebook.

Albeit, by subscribing to your email marketing mail list, the customer has already told you that they want to hear from you. Therefore, this boasts a higher CTR (click through rate) and offers an increased potential that they will take action.

Email marketing can improve your SEO ratings

Emails are such an effective strategy to drive traffic to your website.

When you produce exceptional content on your site, or you launch a new product, the best way to reach your customers quickly is via email.

With an effective email marketing strategy and clear calls to action, your emails will send an influx of traffic to your site, proving to Google that your business has a strong follower base and is a trustworthy source in your niche.

 To have a successful email marketing campaign, your content needs to be enticing and offer value to the customer. You can share tips and tricks, product features or even an update on latest news in your niche. A good email marketing tip is to make your content interactive through the use of GIFs, videos and infographics. But, most importantly, you have to nail the subject line. This will determine if a customer actually opens your email and can massively affect your open rate. You need to make it catchy, enticing and rouse curiosity.

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